Clockwork Calamity in Mushroom World Play Diary 3 (English translation)

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Diary of Day 3 of Clockwork Calamity in Mushroom World


Using the spring shoes I had acquired the day before, which are difficult to operate but allow me to fly very high with the recoil, I was practicing with the spring shoes in the mushroom zones I had visited so far that I had not yet conquered.

When I went to the mushroom zone where golden mushrooms fell, which was very difficult to conquer due to the long vertical map, I was able to find several memorable items that I had not explored at all before.


Two of them had content that talked about the legendary tree above the Cherry Blossom area!

One was about an ongoing problem and trying to meet up with his best friend at the legendary tree.

The other was about a couple who had made love to each other under the tree in the past, becoming Wife & wife, which led to the creation of the legendary tree.

Wife & wife wanting a home


There, the legend told that if the couple used the Sparkling Golden Shroom under the legendary tree, they would never be separated forever!

Hearing this memory, Tsuneko realized that she was gravely mistaken.

Apparently, it turned out that the mushrooms he had obtained so far here were not golden shrooms, but sparkling shrooms.

I had brought it to a woman near the legendary tree who was waiting for her best friend, who had been summoned by her best friend, but her best friend never showed up.

When I showed her the trade, nothing happened, and when I asked her again, she said it was a Sparkling Golden Shroom, which is different from the Golden Shroom I have now! I had mistakenly thought that it was a different Golden Shroom from the one I have now!

But I was doubly mistaken, for the sparkling shrooms I thought were the golden shrooms were the mushrooms I needed here!


However, I did not know how to use it, and when I passed by the tree with it in my hand, I noticed that it made a strange sound effect, but I could do nothing for a while.

After that, I wondered if it was possible, so I stayed motionless under the legendary tree for a while, and the intervals between the strange sound effects narrowed, and I noticed that the world had turned into a black and white world.

This was apparently a different dimension from the original world, and here was another good friend, Karie, who had set up a rendezvous.

Apparently she was trapped in this world because of the darkness in her mind.

As I was listening to her, I noticed that the other person started talking.

The main character, who had never said a word before, began to convince Karie that her other best friend was waiting for her in the original world.

I wondered if the protagonist spoke the language because he was no longer in his original world and the tsuneko no longer controlled him, or if the protagonist's true identity was actually something else!

However, the protagonist's persuasion was futile, the darkness in Karie's heart was very deep, and no matter how much conversation they had, the conversation went on a parallel track.

So the protagonist approached Karie and said, "I'm going to take you out of this world," and she was able to return to her original world.

There he found his other best friend, they made up and I was given a clock hand.

The legendary tree event was amazing. yatter: !!!!



I then had a bartering event, turning the bad mushrooms into red clips and the

red clip to a fish car.

Fish car to wizard car.

Wizard Car to Snow Cat.

Snowcat to truck.

truck to cute home.

I traded my cute little house for a horse.


All of them were vehicles, and the living creatures moved on their own when ridden, the cars were operated by themselves, and the house was a place where one could relax in the house.


The last person racing with the exchanged horse won by horsepower and received a clock hand.

Then the horse traded it for a pink clip.

I'm looking forward to one more clip that isn't red, because I hear you can swap the wings for chickens!



I then tried an unknown mushroom room, found a rainbow shroom, gave the rainbow shroom to a rainbow lover in town, and got the key to the clock!

And as a further thank you, he showed me the power of the Rainbow Shroom.

A rainbow in the sky! That's greeeeeeeeat!

There's one weird light in the sky! I jumped there and found a hidden passageway and a hidden mushroom zone.



And that was the end of the third day.

On this day, I was able to get 4 of these clock hands at once and made a lot of progress.

There was even one clock hand I forgot to write in my journal! I showed the cat's stone to the archaeologist and he exchanged it for the clock hand!


So I'm looking forward to the next installment!


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