Clockwork Calamity in Mushroom World Play Diary 1 (English translation)

This article was machine-translated from Japanese using the translation software DeepL.


Recently, I have been playing a game called Clockwork Calamity in Mushroom World.

The main character is led by a witch named Elvlys to a world where time has stopped, and he collects the keys to 12 clocks by bartering with the inhabitants.


The author is a person named sylvie, and all the games she makes are She creates games with a cute world view that combines very cute dot-dot graphics and pop background music with nice singing voices from time to time.


I thought that Clockwork Calamity in Mushroom World would be another loose game, a girl's adventure in a cute world.

However, when I played the game, I found that it was a full-fledged puzzle-solving game on the level of Ramulana, with action elements that were challenging, items to be traded with townspeople were riddles, there were new dungeons at the end of hidden passages with clever clues, and a large scale riddle to be solved and a seal to be lifted. I was so excited to find out that this was a full-fledged puzzle-solving game on the level of La-mulana!

And of course, I had to translate the entire game into English, and since OCR software doesn't work very well with pixel characters, the translation was like deciphering an old document, which added to the quality of the puzzle-solving game and made it very enjoyable!


So starting today, I'll be writing a play diary for this mushroom game!



First, a few thoughts on Day 1 of play

The first thing I did was sign an agreement with the witch to transfer to Mushroom World.

The agreement was solid, very interesting, and the excitement just kept building!


Then I got to Mushroom World.

I tried to collect mushrooms to gather information and barter, but my initial bag was too small, but after talking to someone in town, I found someone who could make my bag bigger with vertical and horizontal mushrooms, so I decided to collect vertical and horizontal mushrooms to make my bag bigger.

On the right is my bag, too small!


The mushroom area, where you can pick up mushrooms, the basis of everything, is a horrible place with a time limit and you are returned to the entrance when the time is up.

When I was exploring in it, I found many interesting things to find, such as memories left by the town's inhabitants, which when examined, increased the maximum time limit of the mushroom area, adventure tips, and advertisements for my store.

I could exchange the vertical mushrooms for 5 normal mushrooms at the store, but it was a waste of time and I spent a lot of time exploring to get them on my own, but I also learned the technique of jumping and bouncing the normal mushrooms by throwing them right under me and jumping to a higher place!

And then I opened the bag one level to the left and right, and that was the end of my day!


Already played day two, but I'll keep you posted on my journal!


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